Arthur Erickson

I met Arthur when I was a student at Simon Fraser University. Despite its hard sculptural form, I found it to be a very friendly place. I wanted to know if this was a consideration in the design, and called Arthur to talk about it. He was warm and receptive and we quickly became wonderful friends, leading to a life changing collaboration on numerous projects.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

The Philosophical Investigations helped me make sense of the world. An analytic philosopher's rejection of fundamental meaning. Things mean only what we think they mean, and their meaning comes from their use. All meaning is convention, and we depend ultimately on an unspoken agreement with each other to communicate and make sense of the world. It is a kind of social epistemology that I have tried to translate into architecture.

Larry Resnick

The philosophy professor at Simon Fraser University who helped me understand the true importance of philosophy and introduced me to Wittgenstein. Larry showed me how to understand both logic and its limits, and how to make sense of being human.

Tibor Kalman

The founder and first editor of Benetton's Colors magazine, Mr. Kalman pulled images across contexts creating fearless insight into the darkest recesses of the human condition. He taught me that understanding comes from surprising places, and where there is understanding there is hope.

Tarmo Pasto

A brilliant psychologist turned artist, whose remarkable book "The Space-Frame Experience in Art" is an exploration of the relationship between biology, psychology and perception. He develops the concept of perceptual-motor form, how our physical and psychological forms make us feel the world around us, and how this affects our rational understanding of who, and what, we are.