Innovative Urbanism

The warm feelings of European villages that seem like an invitation into peoples living rooms are the social inspiration for our work. Hynes Developments works to create places where history, climate and culture combine, places in which people are willing and open to sharing their lives with each other. We strive to create communitarian developments - places that foster positive interactions between people and enhance feelings of belonging, responsibility, and well-being, in contrast to the homogenized "crudscrapes" that are typical of North American development, places that alienate us from nature and each other.

Each development is designed to enhance civil society, build social capital, generate a higher quality of life, and foster healthy and ecologically conscious living. The point is not to manufacture an instant village but to understand what needs to be in place for a community to naturally thrive.

The natural desire for social connection is the basis for Stephen's vision. His designs are products of social theory, community consultation, community modeling and inter-disciplinary research with each project reflecting an evolutionary step in our understanding of social architecture.