Choklit: Philosophy

Choklit is a new kind of urban architecture, intended to recast the warmth of traditional neighborhoods into modern urban experience.

Our vision is to create a natural sense of connection between people and place, resulting in a strong sense of neighborhood that transcends language.

This is what happens when architecture accords with human scale. Old world buildings extend right to the sidewalk with no sense of encroachment. They are alive with doors and windows and unashamed about hinting at the life inside. The sky is never outside of normal peripheral vision, and direct sunlight electrifies life at street level throughout most of the day.

The finest old world neighborhoods are wonderfully indifferent to automobiles. Narrow streets and tight parking often slow traffic to pedestrian speeds and make two-way traffic impossible without a high level of co-operation and personal acknowledgement. It is in such places that "Smart" cars seem large. Watching people park is public entertainment.

This kind of feeling is rare in North America. The location of Choklit is one of only a handful of areas in Vancouver in which this kind of warm streetscape can be created. It is an area that accords with the human scale of old world urbanism now combined with a thoroughly modern urban architecture. This is moving in a new direction with a new kind of architecture, and it is this goal that motivated our design of Choklit.