Copper: Architecture

Built in 1998, Copper is the first of Hynes fully mixed-use buildings including a ground floor commercial and café topped with four stories of artist live/work studios. Consultants, production studios and art galleries complement artists, photographers, musicians and many types of designers creating a mix that is lively, eclectic and stimulating.

The architecture is purposefully designed to encourage social interaction and be publicly accessible and open. The building’s entrance is through a low arch sided by a charming café and opens into an airy courtyard. Two separate five-story structures sided with large windows looking in are connected over this central atrium with long open catwalks.

Copper has an organic industrial aesthetic. They are almost completely wrapped in copper that will oxidize and change gradually to a wonderful bright green as time passes.

Our first development of this style represents a cross section of residential and artistic applications. Artists, photographers, musicians and many types of designers are complemented by consultants, production studios and art galleries. The mix is lively, eclectic and stimulating.

Designed to provide residents with provocative points of contact, both with other users and with the building itself.