Copper: The Studios

The view above is of downtown Vancouver, and is typical of all north facing units at 1529 West 6th. The image on the left shows a typical interior stairway to the mezzanine level of the studio. Window areas are very large, with some units resembling greenhouses more than studios; natural lighting is also enhanced by the north-south exposures of most units. Being open on both ends also enhances natural ventilation and eliminates the need for air conditioning. Heating is with radiant hot water embedded in the floors, which provides a very comfortable kind of heat without radiators and without interfering with the usefulness of wall areas.

Bathrooms are fully tiled and waterproof, with floor drains and sealed marine lights and fittings. This makes them remarkably sanitary and easy to clean. Again, heat is provided by radiant hot water in the floor. The fixtures are of very high quality and include heavy cast iron tubs with custom-made wall mounted valve sets. As well, the bathroom doors are extremely heavy, and the bathrooms are essentially soundproof, allowing complete privacy in a live/work application.

There is a comprehensive security system in the building, which includes 22 cameras located in all public areas, connected to extremely sophisticated digital motion sensors, which key both a paging system for a security service and on site video recorders. After hours, all public entry points are locked off and controlled by digital keys, which identify the user. The elevators are also controlled in this way. Every unit is equipped with an alarm system and a video-telephone with gate controls for after hours admittance of guests.